All JANTHEE Berlin pieces are made in sizes XS-L. JANTHEE Berlin styles are made with seamless finishes in a silky-soft, ultra stretchy, Italian Lycra fabric for the ultimate second skin feel.




JANTHEE Berlin is made with luxe, Italian Lycra fabric. The suits are constructed of the finest fabrics and trim that is extremely delicate in nature. In order to preserve its’ quality and to properly care for your new suits, please follow these steps:

- Hand wash cold with very mild soap 

- Lay flat to dry in shade

- Do not iron, do not bleach, do not machine wash

- Avoid excessive contact with suntan oils and lotions, heavily chlorinated 

  water and over heated spas and pools

- Care instructions are also on your tag in the swimsuit



Each piece of JANTHEE Jewelry has been crafted to the highest quality in sterling silver and 18k plated gold. When you are not wearing JANTHEE Jewelry, we recommend all products should be kept in a dark and dry place, ideally the jewelry box that your jewelry came with.

Precious metals can be affected by chemicals such as perfumes, body lotions and sun creams / oils. Putting on your jewelry once you have finished dressing will minimize the effects of these chemicals.

By taking good care of your gold plated jewelry, it will preserve the longevity of each piece. Soapy and chlorine water can give your gold a dull sheen so remember to remove your gold pieces before bathing.